Sneaker Lab Eco friendly shoe care kit
Sneaker Lab Eco friendly shoe care kit
Sneaker Lab Eco friendly shoe care kit
Sneaker Lab Eco friendly shoe care kit
Sneaker Lab Eco friendly shoe care kit
Sneaker Lab Eco friendly shoe care kit

Sneaker Lab

Eco friendly shoe care kit

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Keep your shoes clean and fresh with the eco friendly sneaker cleaner kit from Sneaker Lab.

Works like a charm on most materials. Also outsoles.
And takes the odor away from worn shoes using kind bacteria instead of chemicals.

Just to be safe, try just a little, on the inner lower heel before applying to the whole shoe.

Be extra careful on suedes and nubucks, especially oiled surfaces.

SC - Sneaker Cleaner Probacterial Formula
Non-toxic, environmentally friendly & 100% biodegradable.
The pro-bacterial cleaning solution cleans on a microscopic level, protects and conditions while removing dirt & stains that occur during everyday wear. Safe to use on all fabrics including leather & suede.

1 Spray solution onto affected area
2 Allow to work for 2 - 3 minutes
3 Dip brush into bowl of water
4 Scrub sneakers creating foaming action
5 Wipe clean with towel or cloth
6 Air dry
PLEASE NOTE: May cause eye irritation on contact. Keep out of reach of children. Please recycle.

OP - Odor Protector MicroTech Solution
Non-toxic, environmentally friendly & 100% biodegradable.
The special formula refreshes, deep cleans and removes unwanted foot odor at a molecular level. Works through a mixture of natural elements & beneficial bacteria that bind odor molecules at the source.

1 Remove inner sole from shoe (If applicable)
2 Lightly spray inner sole and inside of shoe
3 Air dry
For best results allow solution to work for 6-8 hours, or until completely dry

SP - Sneaker Protector Stain Resistant Shield
Non-flammable solution, water resistant & eco-friendly.
The water-based treatment acts as an invisible protective barrier against everyday dirt & stains, forming a moisture repelling seal that is soil and stain resistant,
Maintains the color and soft feel of suede, fabric and nubuck, whilst shielding your shoes against the elements.

1 Ensure shoes are dry prior to use
2 Brush suede in one direction to remove excess dirt or scuffing
3 Apply spray from a distance of 15-20 cm
4 Do not saturate
5 Allow to dry
6 Re-apply for extra protection.

PB - Premium Brush Soft bristle
Designed for general sneaker shoe cleaning purposes, to remove stubborn marks and tough stains. Made from hardwood selected from sustainably managed forests and sturdy bristles in recycled plastic. Suitable for all materials, including leather, suede and nubuck. Works best with Sneaker LAB pro-bacterial sneaker cleaner.
One of the few Eco friendly sneaker cleaner kits!
Measurements are based on the insole.
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